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Include the WRONG foods to your diet and INCREASE arthritic pain and inflammation.
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Monday, 11 April 2016

My Juicer

About last September we bought a juicer. Initially we justified getting an expensive one because we had a LOT of apples from my allotment (which I have done nothing on since then).  We bought a Tribest Slowstar and have been very pleased with the choice.
This juicer uses an auger to squeeze the juices out of fruit and veg at very slow speed rather than using centripetal high speed common in many makes. Features that stand out are:
  • Easy cleaning: it just needs taking apart and rinsing.
  • Extracts all the juice: so no need to reinsert fruit and veg a second time.
  • Quiet operation: so it can be used late at night out early morning without waking everyone.
  • Easy feed hop: so bits of veg do not drop everywhere as you add trying to feed them in.
  • Ten year warranty. Now that's a product you can have confidence in using daily.
After juicing apples I moved onto green veg. But I lost my way with no structure as to the best thing to juice for my health needs and how to make that with meals - that is until I came across the Paddison Program.
Now I cannot imagine life without it and use it twice a day.

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