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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Flying to Dublin & back in 24 hours

If you have Arthritis going away anywhere and any-time is a challenge.  You find yourself in situations where your diet is difficult to control, where your sleep is difficult to control and your rest is difficult to control.  This makes journeys such as this one very difficult.  The prospect of eventually being sat in the cramped space of a small airline seat, the long walks from car to departures lounge, from there to aircraft.   Not much fun.

But I survived and more than that, I survived more than I dreamed possible.  I came home and found, after waking up from a twelve hour sleep, that I had no inflammation and my pain was in control.  This is in stark contrast to previous trips away where I have needed several days to recover.

At Luton Airport we tried to get a wheelchair, but found ourselves in queues and once at the front to go somewhere we had just been.  In the end we decided to forget assisted help and just walked it.  Dublin started with a most comfortable stay at Premier Inn, possibly the best night's sleep I have had for some time.  The daytime was interspersed with taxi journeys to cut down on walking.  Breakfast was at the fabulous Cornucopia in Wicklow St in the centre of Dublin, where I had a beautiful cucumber, celery & lemon juice drink followed by Buckwheat Pancake with spinach & red onion washed down with Green Tea.

The return journey found us waiting for a few hours at Dublin Airport for almost the last flight back to the UK.  Dublin Airport has some long corridors from departures to airplane.  Les pushed me in a freely available wheelchair.  Although the corridors are smooth they have inclines.  We found the travelators were closed to wheelchair users, which is stupid, imo.

An eventual arrival back home at 1am found me climbing my outside stairs very slowly and carefully.  I could not have survived the journey without the steady drip of my NSIADs.  I could not have contemplated without my much better half.  But survive I did and hopefully life will now be back to "normal".

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